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We published this article for those who have any questions related to the Empire market site. On this page you will learn: how to safely enter the market and purchase goods, how to register an account, how to play roulette.

Secure Market Access (Empire market links)

The first thing you should take care of when shopping at empiremarket is to find the official link leading to the market. The list of current empire market links is on our website:





Links work only in the TOR browser, so make sure you already have everything you need to access the market on your device. Instructions for installing TOR on our website – Instal TOR browser.

Account Registration (Empire market login)


If you already see the login page in front of you (look at the photo above), then it’s time to register an account. To register, go to the appropriate page and come up with the login information (username, password, pin of 6 digits).

Do not forget that your empire market login is seen by other market users, so it should not contain words that can reveal your identity (name, surname, date of birth, place of residence).

We also recommend using a complex password, as those cases when user accounts are hacked by hackers and withdraw money from them are not uncommon. The same goes for pin code, sets of numbers like: 111111, 123456, 000000 and so on, should not be used in your account.

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After you enter the data of the created account and click the “Join Empire Market” button, you will be taken to the page with mnemonic. Mnemonic – secret words that you will need to enter if you lose access to your account. It is best to store these words in two places at once, on paper and on a computer, because if you lose them, you will no longer be able to access your account in the event of a password loss.

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Bitcoin lottery

Empire market onion gives a chance to increase money to all its users. If you don’t have much money left on your account and you don’t know how to spend it, then you can go to the “Lottery” section and try to increase your balance, or you can purposefully raise money in order to try to win the jackpot.

The cost of one lottery ticket is $ 1 USD, and you can buy such tickets as many as you like. You bet on 6 numbers out of 49 possible, and depending on how many numbers you guess, you get cash reward. In that case, if you guess all 6 numbers, you get a jackpot, which is a decent amount.

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Safe shopping

Empire market address is the most popular platform for trading on darknet, and therefore sellers in the market have a lot of competition. The higher the seller’s rating, the higher his products will be on the list, and accordingly the more likely that the buyer will place an order with him.

You can earn a high rating on the Empire market only if the seller has been working honestly with his customers for a long time. After each transaction, the buyer can leave a review, which will directly affect the seller’s rating. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to a seller’s feedback.

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To make a purchase, find on the left side of the screen a list with storefront sections, and select the product you need. The following categories are available on the market: Fraud, Drugs & Chemicals, Guides & Tutorials, Counterfeit items, Digital Products, Jewels & Gold, Carded Item, Services, Other Listing, Software & Molware, Security & Hosting.

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After you click on the icon of the selected product, a new page will appear where you will have to indicate the quantity of the product, the delivery method and the payment method. Also on this page you will find a detailed description of the product you are about to order, feedback and refund policy.

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If you see something similar, which is indicated in the picture above, then you are on the right track. On this page you are required to specify the details of the order for the delivery of goods (we recommend encrypting the message being sent using PGP). To complete the order, specify your pin code and click the “Confirm Purchase” button.

We hope that this manual will help you solve market issues and you will be able to make your first order!

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